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[OOC - Permanent Concrit Post]


If there's anything you'd like to say about the way I play Ten, why I play him the way I do, or if there's anything wrong with how I play him - PLEASE, comment here.

This'll stay at the top of the journal. ^__^

Also! Links to important stuff~

Permissions meme - UPDATED 05/07/2008

20 Things You May Not know About Ten

[IC contact post/inbox]

Mobile Phone

"Hi, this is the Doctor. If you've reached this number... well, quite frankly I have no idea how you've managed to get ahold of it unless you happen to be one of Martha's friends still using her old number. In which case... sorry, the phone's mine now. Anyway! If you'd like, you can leave me a message, which I will probably not pick up for a while as I'm probably off being brilliant somewhere.


Mobile number: 07700 900461 (It's Martha's old one :B) || Private, (and he doesn't use it often) but ask Ten (or Donna) and you might just get ahold of it. It's a Superphone that works everywhere in the universe, so no country code is required~
Email: timeywimeystuff@wrabbitmail.net || Easily available
IM: timeywimey10 || Easily available

You know the drill, guys! Leave a comment with email/text/voice mail or whatever in the subject line, and mess around that way. :P (And I fully admit that I stole the wrabbitmail.net concept from a Big Finish novel >.>;)

[OOC: CR meme!]

/STICKIES, UNDER CONSTRUCTION oh god this will take forever let us rock

Good friend.
Companion material.
Suspicious/wary of.

and an awful lot of runningCollapse )


[RL - Aradia - time travel without a box]

[ I am very lazy with RLs today so The Doctor is currently sitting at a table in one of the Orbital Elevators on his adopted world, eating a banana split and swinging one leg thoughtfully. He's waiting on Aradia so they can give this time travel with a passenger thing a go. The Doctor has to admit, he already likes Aradia, a lot, and it'll be nice to a] travel around with another alien, 2] - no wait, b] - travel at all, and c] travel through time again to boot.

Truth be told, he's still a little bitter that he's stuck in one place and there's others who can still world hop or time travel. It's stupid, he knows, but he can't help it. He's not made for sticking around in one place, no matter how much he loves the Krung Threp crew, and it's slowly driving him mental. He misses it, and he misses the TARDIS more, and it's getting to him.

Still, this isn't the time to think about that. Today's for fun, he thinks determinedly as he eats another spoonful of banana split. At this point, he's just happy to get somewhere new and see a friendly face. ]
[Well, Edgeworth had said that the Doctor could have the run of his apartment - or well, the media sections of it, and the Doctor had been more than happy to take him up on that offer. For starters, as lovely as the Lagrange base lot were and as much like family as they were to him, he was going crazy cooped up in that base. Not just from the cabin fever, but being stuck in one place with not much to do was giving him far too much time to think. Getting off of it for a bit, grabbing a world-hop and exploring someone else's very extensive, other-universal media library would be a welcome change. And Edgeworth did have a very nice house.

Currently, the Doctor was knelt in front of Edgeworth's very extensive Steel Samurai collection, reading the backs of the boxes with interest. He'd heard the show mentioned in passing before by one or two people on Edgeworth's world, and he'd never really though much of it, but there was no denying that it definitely wasn't anything that existed on his own Earth, or, come to think of it, any others on the community. And well, that just made him even more curious, especially given that he'd already gone through five books already (one of them had been an Agatha Christie novel that he'd read a lot already, but there was no harm in revisiting your old favourites). Seeing something completely new, he reflected, would be a breath of fresh air, and he couldn't suppress a grin at the thought that Edgeworth of all people was a secret enthusiast of shows with neo-olde-samurai as protagonists.

Now, if only he could figure out which one to start with...]
[Okay, so a hazard of piloting an outdated (but still good!) TARDIS on your own when you were essentially a self-taught pilot was that sometimes, you overshot the mark a little - by a hundred years, a hundred miles, or occasionally something a little more serious.

But he was pretty sure he'd never managed to accidentally overshoot his entire universe before. Although in fairness, that had been before the community got involved, and come to think of it he
had accidentally crash-landed on Jacky's ship before...

Okay, so maybe it wasn't the first time. But still, it was a worse oversight than usual. Still, since he'd landed here now, he thought he might as well have a look.

It was when he stepped out of the TARDIS that he had to blink a little and double-check. Because if he was not very much mistaken, he'd just landed somewhere that thousands of people would give their left arm to go to. Namely, the back garden of the Burrow.]

... Ah. Right then.

[He can't quite stop himself beaming as he stands there looking around at the place, though.]
"And then Doctor - oh, but then..."

The Doctor frowned as Carmen spoke, her worried face speaking volumes about the prophecy she was seeing before she'd even made it. Whatever she was about to say, it couldn't be good. Not that it was good already - he'd already heard that your song is ending soon lark once before, from the Ood, and hearing it again just strengthened a horrible suspicion he had about what that meant.

And then she actually came out with the rest of it. "He will knock four times."

And this time the Doctor just stared at her as she walked off, her expression dark, back home to her chops and gravy. He could feel Itsuki looking at him - and that was enough of a problem in itself, having Itsuki around to hear that. For now, though, he'd do whatever he did recently with situations like this.

Avoid them until he had more time to think.

"Come on," he said abruptly, "Back in the TARDIS. We've had quite enough excitement for one day, don't you think?"
So. Interesting Christmas this time round, although to be fair, when isn't it, really. I spent my day in 1851 battling a giant Cyberman in Victorian London, and after all of that I got invited to Christmas dinner with a man who thought he was a future version of me but wasn't. He was brilliant, though. Wouldn't have minded if he had turned out to be me, in the end. For one thing, he managed to change my mind, and there's not many people who can do that.

How's everyone else's day been?


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