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but doesn't it get lonely riding up there to the sun?

on a single raft for one; don't you wish for someone

The Doctor
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the doctor.

what? male. 907 (he says). gallifreyan. time lord. last of his species. temporal anomaly. ex-time travelling do-gooder bum. honourary celestial being member.

who? goofy. hyperactive. wibbly wobbly timey wimey. curious. brilliant. derpy. no such thing as an ordinary person. no second chances (but not really). energetic. lonely. beware the nice ones. fire and ice and rage - and wonderful.

mun: fel. greenwich mean time. aim: hangswithtraps (rarely used). plurk: Tenfel. lj: raspberrybeanie. also played [at ddd]: pearl fey | lyle dylandy | roxas | madoka kaname | castiel

disclaimer: the doctor as played by david tennant belongs to the bbc series doctor who. i do not own him and this rp journal is not for profit - i'm just out to have fun. ♥

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